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Heavy Duty Truck Repair in Phoenix

Fleet Automotive Repair Services

Maximize Your Commercial Fleet Efficiency and Safety with Mechanics You Can Trust

Have you ever considered the importance of your company's fleet vehicles? Whether you own a tow truck company in Avondale, a food delivery service in Queen Creek, a carpet cleaning team in Phoenix, or a trucking company in Gilbert AZ, keeping your cars and trucks in tip-top shape is essential to any successful operation.


We know that it can be difficult to manage all the maintenance and vehicle history of fleet vehicles, not to mention the extra cost that comes with it.  Don't let the local dealership service manager make you feel like a number, here are some reasons why investing in commercial auto repair with a family owned, local repair shop like Cobra Tire & Auto Service is critical: 

Improved Vehicle Safety

Fleet managers know that a well-maintained fleet will help avoid potential accidents and other incidents due to mechanical failure. 

Longer Vehicle Life

Staying on top of regular maintenance and auto repair for all your business vehicles extends their lifespan and reduces overall costs. 

Greater Efficiency

Regularly scheduling tune-ups, oil changes, and other repairs prevent costly downtime from preventable problems.

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Cost Savings

By investing in high-quality parts and auto repair services, you can avoid pricey repairs in the future.

Having a plan for fleet service is essential for any company operating large fleets of vehicles. It not only keeps you and your employees and customers safe but also saves money in the long run through preventive care and maintenance.


A poorly maintained car can result in more expensive repairs, downtime from preventable problems, and an increased risk of accidents due to mechanical failure. Regular maintenance ensures that all vehicles are running reliably and safely, resulting in a more efficient operation overall.

Fleet Car Service and Truck Tire Experts

Commercial Truck Tire Replacement

Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly with Automotive Fleet Repair

Cobra Tire & Auto Services has you covered with two valley locations in Phoenix, and Gilbert AZ that offer commercial tire and car and truck maintenance services.  Our team of ASE-certified mechanics is the perfect choice for all of your commercial vehicle needs.

Commercial Fleet Repair Services for Cars and Trucks

Our experienced technicians provide comprehensive maintenance plans and auto repair fleet services, including brake repairs, oil change services, tire rotation, and more. We also offer scheduled maintenance services to ensure that your domestic or import vehicles stay in peak condition. Plus, our employees specialize in fleet services so you can rest assured knowing that your vehicles will be safe and reliable on the road.

Extending the Life of Your Fleet: Invest in Quality Fleet Services

By scheduling brake services, regular tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, and other automotive fleet services with Cobra Tire & Auto Services, you can rest assured knowing your fleet account vehicles will remain reliable on the road.  


If you're looking for a trusted partner to keep both your personal vehicles and commercial vehicles running smoothly, the Cobra fleet tire truck and auto center is here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us today and schedule an appointment!

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